Nice review of “Take One for the Road” in Tangent Online

Tangent Online recently reviewed the June 2011 Analog, which included my story, “Take One For the Road”. In general, the reviewer had some nice things to say about my story:

…this was a really nice story. It took several of the basic tropes of science fiction – rockets and other worlds – and used it to tell a very human story. The author also employs a fantastic metaphor for how hard it is to achieve orbit around Mercury. I’ll leave that for you to discover. You’ll thank me for pointing it out and really thank Rubin for coming up with it.

They pointed out what they felt was a logical flaw in the story as well–something that I wondered about at the time I wrote the story, but that didn’t seem to bother my beta readers. He also mentions a few typos that crept into the story. I’m sure they are there, but considering how many times I went over the manuscript, to say nothing of the fine Analog editors, I don’t know how we miss them. In any case, it is some good feedback and overall, a nice review.

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