Nice review of “Take One For the Road” over at SFRevu

I happened across a review of the June 2011 Analog over at SFRevu, which contains my story, “Take One For the Road”. The reviewer thought the issue was “a pretty good one” and had this to say about my story:

Next up is “Take One for the Road” by Jamie Todd Rubin. Rick has a next-door neighbor named Simon. He had been part of an expedition that had walked on the surface of Mercury before Rick had been born. One of the four crew members had died and so had the manned space program. Simon is dying and he decides to tell Rick what happened. In a story like this, the payoff has to be pretty good and Rubin manages to pull it off for a well-written conclusion.

It’s always nice to see a positive review like this. After all, you hope when you write the stories that readers will enjoy reading them as much as you enjoy writing them.


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