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For the past week I have been in Florida with the family for the kids’ spring break. For Kelly and I this was less of a vacation than a change of venue. We both worked. The kids, meanwhile, enjoyed sunshine, warm weather, swimming pools and beaches. As you read this, we are driving home. It is rare for us to make the drive home on Easter Sunday. Usually we wait until the following day. This time, we celebrated Easter in the morning and hit the road right after lunch.

In one way, I did take a little time off. I didn’t write for the blog every day that I was down here. I arrived in Florida with a 20-day backlog of posts scheduled for the blog–more than enough to cover our entire trip, and another week and a half beyond that. As I write this, I see that my backlog has dwindled down to 16 posts. Not bad, but clearly I was not writing every day, let alone getting in my two-posts per day. Having the backlog helped me to be okay with that.

I got a fair amount of book reading done on the trip. I finished William L. Shrier’s 3-volume memoir, read a new biography of Harry S. Truman, a book on mathematics, and I’m in the middle of an FDR biography by H. W. Brands, which I expect to finish on the drive home. On the other hand, I fell behind on my blog reading and I hope to catch up on that over the next few day.

Kelly and I got away for a night–the first time we’ve managed to get away without the kids in quite a few years. We wandered the streets of Naples, Florida, had dinner at Vergina, went to watch the sunset on the beach and then realized we arrived about an hour too soon. It made for a nice mini-getaway: a trip-within-the-trip.

I did a major refactor of how I organize my Obsidian notes. I’ll have more to say about this in a future Practically Paperless episode, but it was based largely on this great post personal knowledge management by Simon Späti.

Coming up this week on the blog I talk about favorite quotes, my attempts to try to use Vim mode everywhere, as well as some frustration with Medium, the U.S. Postal Service, and the price of a gallon of gas. (Now that I’ve hit 50 years old, I feel obligated to include some grump-old-man posts.) And, of course, on Tuesday, Episode 27 of my Practically Paperless with Obsidian series.

Meanwhile, here is a view of my “office” as I write this post.

My office while writing this post.
My office while writing this post.

Written on April 17, 2022.

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