How I will be staying cool this evening

Among other things, like hanging out with the family:

  • Installing additional memory in my MacBook so that I can
  • Upgrade to OS X 10.7 (Lion!)
  • Write another scene in the current short story using Scrivener 2.1 for the first time (2.1 was just released yesterday).
  • Start writing my next Wayward Time Traveler column
  • Read more of the February 1941 Astounding (as always, I am behind on my reading)
  • If at all possible, read more of Delany’s The Jewel-Hinged Jaw
Eventually this will lead to a couple of posts: on Lion and on Scrivener 2.1. But you’ll have to wait because as you can see I have a pretty full plate.

How does doing all this keep me cool, you ask? I will be doing it all from within my well-air conditioned house and not going outside.

How will you be keeping cool this evening?


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