Yet another sign the Little Man is a Superman fan

I hum sometimes. Earlier this evening, I was humming the Superman theme under my breath. (There are perfectly valid reasons for this choice, which have to do with a scene in the novelette on which I am working, but that’s another story.) Here’s what happened.

I hear the Little Man running down the hallway.

“Hey, buddy,” I said, “what’s this? I then began to hum the Superman theme, certain that he would have no idea what I was talking about.

Without even a second’s hesitation he clapped his little hands together and said, “Soopah-man!”

I was stunned. I hadn’t expected him to come close to even guessing. I figured he’d ignore my and try to get me to chase him around the house, or take him outside or something. That he answered the question, and answered it correctly just stunned me.

Watching and re-watching those action scenes from Superman Returns must have really made an impression on him.


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