The Little Man reviews Action Comics #5


Last night, I settled down to read Action Comics #5 and the Little Man was a bit restless. “You reading, Daddy?” he said.

“Yeah, I’m reading about Superman,” I said.

“Oh, Superman. Okay. He flies.”

“Yes, he does. Do you want to read it with me?”


So we sat down to read Action Comics #5 together. The issue was split into two stories. The first story dealt with Kal-El’s departure from Krypton and his arrival on Earth. The second part dealt with Jonathan and Martha Kent’s life before Kal-El’s arrival. As we moved through the issue, I noticed something about it, but the Little Man caught on soon enough. We were about 2/3rds of the way through when he said, “Daddy?”

“What is it buddy?”

“Where’s Superman?

I smiled at him. “I was wondering that same thing myself. Looks like he took a vacation this issue.”

My son, the critic.


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