Action Comics #2: In Chains

I picked up Action Comics #2 last night and read the issue while sitting in the Little Man’s doorway, waiting for him to fall asleep1 I had a lot of fun reading it. I still think the artwork outshines the writing, but I am beginning to get the notion of how these things work. And there were indeed some funny moments that I picked up on. I wasn’t overly impressed by the cliffhanger at the end, but that’s okay. The issue entertained me for half an hour and that is important.

What I really enjoyed in this issue was the 4 pages at the end called, “Inside the action” and was blurbed as “Get an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the creation of action comics #1-2 with Grant Morrison and Rags Morales.” Reading what those guys had to say about the decisions they made in relaunching Superman in Action Comics was fascinating, as was seeing some of the drawings and artwork in earlier stages. The issue was worth just those four pages.

I have several weeks to wait now before Superman #2 comes out, but that’s okay; I have plenty to read in the meantime.

And after some considered thought, I’ve decided to include these issues on my short fiction reading list, because they take about the same amount of time to read as a typical short story.

  1. A long story, worthy of a post of its own.


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