“Oh man!”

So the Little Man has developed a hilarious new phrase and he didn’t learn it from us. It is a versatile phrase and he uses it with glee. He could be playing with a toy, for instance, and the toy will leap out of his hand and smash into the floor.

“Oh man!” he’ll say.

He could be eating his dinner and drop some food on his lap. “Oh man!

He might be watching a cartoon and see one of the characters so something silly. “Oh man!”

I don’t know where he learned it, but I love it. I think it is hilarious. Now I’m just waiting until I tell one of my wry jokes. He’ll roll his eyes and say, “Oh man!


    1. Paul, I think you are right and here is why. He watches Dora from time-to-time (as my sister indicates in the subsequent comment). But I can’t stand the show so I never watch it and therefore would not make the connection that the phrase is from that show. Nice work!

  1. it’s totally from Dora. Swiper the Fox says it! When we were there; Sadie and Zach enjoyed several episodes 🙂 OH MAN!!


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