Rainy-day catch-up

It is raining here today, pretty hard. The Little Man is home from school because his school closed today and tomorrow to do further inspections of the building after the earthquake we had on Tuesday. I took him to the store and now he’s (somewhat happily) playing with his toys and grandparents.

I am using today to try and get caught up on various things on which I am behind and also to get back into a regular writing routine. I want to get working on the novelette once again. In fact, I am eager to do so.

I’m slowly catching up on my RSS feeds. I’m reading more of the May 1941 issue of Astounding. (It is pleasant to sit and read with the rain coming down outside.) I’d like to get more reading done on A Feast for Crows. And I’m behind on my various science magazines and would like to get caught up on those as well.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to writing the novelette. I’ve done a lot of note-taking of late and I’m ready to put those notes to good use in the story. And I’ll get back to the regular kind of blog you typically see here in the next day or two.

We have started to settle into a routine with the Little Miss, especially at night. She is sleeping surprisingly well and I think both Kelly and I have had decent night’s sleep the last two nights. The Little Man is still a handful and needs lots of attention, but staying home with us today, tomorrow, and the weekend may help to reassure him that things are more or less back to normal.

We had another aftershock from the earthquake last night, sometime around 1am. Seemed to last 30 seconds or so. And it is possible we’ll catch some of the hurricane coming up the coast this weekend, but we have what we need to weather that out as well.

You may have noted that I didn’t get to my regular Wayward Time Traveler column this week. The kind folks at SF Signal took pity on me and gave me the week off, knowing that I’d be too exhausted to get it done on time. But the next column will be out on schedule, as will the next Vacation in the Golden Age column.

And I recognize that all of this talk of newborns and adjusting to live with a newborn is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it won’t last forever. (The Little Miss won’t be a newborn forever.)

Okay, there’s your update. Now it’s time for me to get back to catching up. If you’ve sent me email or commented on the blog and haven’t heard back from me yet, expect to hear from me soon, and accept my apologies for the delay.

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  1. Glad the newborn Little Miss is settling in well and you’ve been ableto get some sleep. I acutally miss the days when my niece was a newbie. I’m sure my brother and his wife don’t though! 🙂


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