Nothing’s more fun than a brand new potty

Kelly, the Little Man, and company came back from the store with a new potty. Of course, it was a Mater/Cars potty, the idea being that might help to encourage use of the training device. I’m not sure I’ve seen the Little Man so excited to open a box since he opened his big birthday present several months ago. While I was in the office eating my lunch, the Little Man came racing in, sans pants, exclaiming his excitement on his pending use of the new potty.

The potty was set up temporarily in the TV room because you know, why complicate things by setting it up in the bathroom. The Little Man sat on it but nothing much happened. Indeed when something finally did happen, he only missed the potty by about 40 feet. I was pulled away from my meatball sandwich to take a look at the impressive mess that the Little Man left on the floor of the foyer. Naturally, it was what one might expect from someone four times his size.

But we have to be very encouraging during this stage of potty training. And so we cheered and hooted and hollered and congratulated the Little Man for missing the potty by only 40 feet. “Very good effort,” we said. “Very nice try, buddy!”  “Maybe next time you can try to miss by 20 feet!” His little heart beat proudly in that moment of fecal glory. And he decided then and there that for the rest of the day, perhaps the rest of his life, he would go entirely without pants. After all, why wear pants and a diaper when they are so inconvenient to put on and take off. You can just run around naked, and when you feel like you have to go, you can, well, go, and you’ll be congratulated for missing the potty by 40 feet.

Now what can be more fun than that?


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