An interesting e-book footnote to my previous post on Carl Sagan’s Contact

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am re-reading Carl Sagan’s novel Contact.

I mentioned that the tattered paperback on my bookshelf was just kind of calling out to me to be picked up and read. Last night, before heading off to bed, I checked Amazon to see if an e-book version was available. Then I could read the book on my iPad and avoid using the book light that I have upstairs, which has recently been claimed by Kelly as a tool she finds helpful when feeding the Little Miss in the dark. But no e-book version was available, at least not from Amazon. So I borrowed back my book light and have been reading the paperback book1.

This is the first paper book that I have read in one year2.

The last paper book I read was Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book which I finished back on September 16, 2010. Since then, every book that I have read has been an e-book version.

  1. If the e-book version had been available, I would have bought it despite having the paperback. I think this is called Kiesche’s Law. Or is it Hester’s Law?
  2. This doesn’t count the issues of Astounding that I read every two weeks.


  1. Kiesche’s Law is the purchasing of both eBook and deadtree editions. Hester’s Law is the purchasing of eBooks ahead of having time/energy to read them due to the ease of “one click shopping”.


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