The Little Man sings the “blues”

The Little Man is a smart fellow. He talks quite a bit, you can see him making various logical connections and inferences. He knows his numbers from 1 to 10. He has at least the concept of letters. But there is one area in which he seems to be utterly confused: colors.

It’s gotten to the point where it is almost hysterically funny.

As the Little Man what color something is–virtually anything and he will answer at once: “Bluuuuuuuue! He really stretches out that word and he smiles when he says it.

“What color is the sky, buddy?”


“What color is the grass?”


What’s funny is that it’s moved over into other categories as well.

“What type of car is that?”


It’s almost as if he has the word queued up and ready to go as the default answer to any “what” question.

He does recognize some colors. He know “orange” for instance. But otherwise he almost always answers with “Bluuuuuue!”

I’m not exactly sure why I find it so funny, but I dooooooo.


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