Yes, I know, the Yankees got eliminated

I find it amusing how many people wring their hands, and grin evilly as they tell me (as if I didn’t know) that the Yankees got eliminated last night. It is a reflection of human nature that hardly anyone ever says, “Hey they Yanks played great last night,” after they win a game. Instead what I get is: “What happened?” as if I was managing the team, calling the shots.

Well, what happened?

The better team won, that’s what happened. You cannot, in an elimination game, load the bases twice with less than one out and score only one run–and that on a walk! The Yankees managed to get some hits last night, but they had no power. I guess they used it all up on Tuesday. I’m sure that A-Rod will catch some flack for striking out at the end of the game, but the truth is that with the exception of Posada and Cano, no one really shined offensively in the series. If it wasn’t for the two outstanding catches Curtis Granderson made in game 4, there might not have been a game 5.

So yes, I was bitterly disappointed when I went to bed last night, but all I can do is take a deep breath and wait for next season.

And so now that they Yankees have been eliminated, who am I cheering for? Well, I’d like to see the Tigers and the Brewers in the World Series. I realize that he Rangers and the Brewers might be more interesting because neither team has won a World Series.

But I’d still rather see the Tigers.


  1. Didn’t want to mention it to you while they were playing–knowing your affiliation–but I’m originally from Detroit. Tigers won the Series the year I got married (first time in almost twenty years,) and the same year I quit my hourly job and started my career, it was a good year. They haven’t won the Series since. So yeah, I agree with you–I’d like to see the Tiger in it, too.

    1. That’s right you are from Detroit, aren’t you? I remember the 1984 series, BTW. (The first series that I remember clearly is 1978, but I have flashing memories of 1977.) Well, congratulations on the win, you bastard! 😉


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