Some pre-ordered book are set to start arriving soon!

I’ve pre-ordered several books over the last few months and in roughly a week or so, four will begin arriving, about one each week or so. I’m looking forward to all four of them. Which four, you ask?


The Journal of Henry David Thoreau, October 18

Steve Jobs.jpg

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, October 24


Firebird by Jack McDevitt, November 1


11/22/63 by Stephen King, November 8

In addition to all of these, W. P. Kinsella has a new baseball novel out, Butterfly Winter, which I am tempted to buy, but Amazon says it ships in “1-2 months” on average. There is no e-book version available.

Lots of good stuff to look forward to, and these will probably keep me busy through the end of the year.


    1. Probably. But you have to imagine that Jobs knew that going into this, since it is an authorized biography and Jobs asked for Isaacson specifically. BTW, I never read Isaacson’s bio of Franklin, but I did read his bio of Einstein and I thought it was terrific.


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