My letter in the Falls Church News Press

A while back I wrote a post–“The flowers on the street corner“–about a fatal accident that took place at a dangerous intersection near our house. The accident claimed the lives of two elderly people and in the time since the accident, there have been a few more accidents at that same intersection. I wrote a letter to my district supervisor, Penny Gross and copied the local police department, but after nearly two months had gone by and I hadn’t heard anything, I decided to write a letter to the editor about the matter.

You can read my letter at the Falls Church News Press website. Scroll down to the letter titled “Seeking Action to Fix Dangerous Rt. 50 Intersection.” Interestingly, as I was getting onto the plane back from Boston yesterday, I found that I had a voice mail message from the captain of the local police department to follow up on my inquiry. I didn’t have a chance to call him back yesterday, but I will call him back today and maybe find out what’s being done to make that intersection safer.


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