The flowers on the street corner

We generally like the neighborhood in which we live. There are great parks and bike paths nearby. There is shopping within walking distance. The Little Man’s school is close by. Indeed, the only problem with our little corner of paradise is the dangerous intersection that lurks just outside our development. There is an access road that leads traffic up into the big shopping center next door. This access road is accessible by this intersection with Route 50 and it is a terribly designed intersection. There are no left-hand turn lanes on 50. The light turning from the access road onto Route 50 is a quick one and traffic rushes through a stop sign to make the light. We have seen at least half a dozen pretty bad accidents at this intersection.

Last weekend, there was a fatal accident. And elderly couple, both in their 80s, were killed attempting to make a left turn at this intersection. Less than a week later, there was another accident, although no one in the second accident was killed.

This morning, as I walked the Little Man to school, we came to the intersection and there was a big bouquet of flowers set in a glass vase on the corner at which the accident happened. The flowers had the following note:


Last week, I wrote a letter to our district supervisor, copying the district police precinct commander, in which I described the dangerous of the intersection, proposed some possible solutions, and asked how many more people had to be hurt before something was done. So far, no response from anyone, but I wonder if I had simply described the accident and sent them this picture, if it would have made a stronger impression. The couple killed in the accident were parents and grandparents. They had a family. Everyone who lives around here knows that this intersection is dangerous. This was one accident that didn’t have to happen.


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