My daily 500 words of fiction: progress update

I haven’t gotten in my 500 words for the last 3 days, but that is because I’ve been dealing with a laptop that seemed on the verge of death and was then pulled back from the brink and restored to full life. That sounds like an excuse. I could write on my iPad nearly as well. But the fact is that the writing time was taken up dealing with the computer issues. Now that the computer issues have been dealt with, I expect to get back to the daily writing today.

I’d still like to get into a more regular schedule–same time every day. Habits like that make me feel comfortable. Right now I’m grabbing the time where I can find it. But I’ve also been getting up earlier and earlier to catch up on work at the day job and once I’m caught up, that early morning time is once again looking ideal to get in my 500 words. I only need half an hour or so to do it.

I’ve been trying something else out. When the story that I’m working on doesn’t feel like going anywhere on a particular day, I’ve been working on a different story. The change of pace is nice. The other story is a type that I’ve never tried before and the voice is completely different from the voices in the story I started with so there is no worry about confusing things between the two pieces. Being able to switch to something different has already helped once or twice so far.

It is a relief to have the laptop issue behind me. Now I can get back to the writing. At this point, I’m hoping to have a draft of one or both of the stories finished by the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes.


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