Packing for vacation: what I squeezed into 601 grams

I managed to squeeze the following into only 601 grams, or for those more comfortable with non-metrics weights, about 1-1/3 pounds:

  • 18 issues (combined) of Asimov’s, Analog, and F&SF.
  • 4 issues of Clarkesworld
  • 4 issues of Lightspeed
  • 129 books
  • Seasons 1 & 2 (26 episodes) of Doctor Who
  • Season 4 (21 episodes) of Star Trek:Enterprise
  • 2 movies (White Christmas and Love Actually)
  • All of my works-in-progress and related notes
  • 27 issues of New Scientist
  • Enough kids shows and movies to keep the Little Man occupied

And you know what? There’s still room to cram more into that 601 grams.

Maybe there’s something to this e-format business after all.

One comment

  1. I envision you playing the Burgess Meredith character in a remake of the classic Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last,” in which your device… well, let’s not go there. 🙂


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