My 25 most-played songs

I was doing some pruning in iTunes today and happened to look at the Top 25 Most Played list. I present mine below with the following comment: many of these songs are on workout playlists which may explain their numbers. As always, my Rule 34 applies to the musical selections.

  1. Fix You by Coldplay (307 plays)
  2. Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits (247 plays)
  3. Gonna Fly Now (Theme from “Rocky”) (241 plays)
  4. Looking for Space by John Denver (190)
  5. Going the Distance (180 plays)
  6. The Final Bell by Bill Conti (178 plays)
  7. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley (172 plays)
  8. Burning Heart by Survivor (165 plays)
  9. Tiny Tears by Tindersticks (145 plays)
  10. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (144 plays)
  11. Training Montage (144 plays)
  12. Hysteria by Def Leppard (131 plays)
  13. Hearts on Fire by John Cafferty (127 plays)
  14. Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby by Counting Crows (120 plays)
  15. Have a Nice Day by Bon Jovi (119 plays)
  16. Lose Yourself by Eminem (115 plays)
  17. Angel by Sarah McLachlan (115 plays)
  18. New York Minute by Don Henley (114 plays)
  19. Run Riot by Def Leppard (108 plays)
  20. Jump by Van Halen (99 plays)
  21. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue (98 plays)
  22. Hold On Loosely by .38 Special (97 plays)1
  23. War/Fanfare from Rocky (93 plays)
  24. Women by Def Leppard (91 plays)
  25. Rocket by Def Leppard (90 plays)

What are your top 25?

  1. Alphabetically, this is the first song in the entire catalog I own. When the iPod accidentally starts playing the list from the beginning, which happens on occasion, this song gets played, which is why it makes the top 25.


  1. WHAT? you’re not working out to “Let’s get physical” by Olivia Newton John? LOL We have some similar taste. I love that Survivor and John Cafferty and John Denver are there. I’d totally have them on mine.


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