That clever Little Man!

So I have finally started down the road of getting the Little Man to sleep in his own bed at night. His first night back in his bed was Saturday and it went remarkably smoothly. I sat with him, reading, until he fell asleep. He woke up once in the middle of the night, calling for “Daddy!” I went in there for a few minutes until he fell back asleep. And he then remained asleep until about 7am.

Last night was a little rougher. He fell asleep at 9pm, but I was back in his room three times before midnight, and then another five or six times between midnight at 5:30am when I finally got up for work. I think I managed an hour or two of solid sleep last night.

Last night, the Little Man demonstrated an example of his cleverness and perhaps foreshadowed some of the difficulty he’ll give us as he gets older. Kelly had taken him upstairs and he decided to stay there. He had some milk (which he usually has before bed) and I’d put a second sippy-cup of milk in the small refrigerator in our bedroom for the morning. He took the pillow from his bed and brought it into our room as if he was going to sleep there. When I finally came upstairs, I saw him and told him that we were going to sleep on his room, on his bed.

“Daddy come too?”

“I’ll come in a read you a book,” I said.

“Okay, I have a book.” He pulled out the book he’d taken off the shelf. “And my milk!” he said. He showed me his milk. I thought that a little odd, but didn’t linger on it. We got his pillow and book and went back to his room. I read to him and eventually he fell asleep.

When I went back into our room, Kelly was there with the Little Miss. As I came in she said, “I think the Little Man pulled one over on us.”

“What do you mean?”

“He drank both his milks while he was up here by himself.”

“What?” I went to the refrigerator to check it out. Sure enough, the morning milk I’d put there was gone.

Clever, sneaky Little Man!



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