Taking the day off

I’m taking the day off from writing-related stuff. I’m even taking a day off of Vacation in the Golden Age reading (I’m far enough ahead so that it’s safe to do this.) I  missed one writing day this week, but so far, all months, I haven’t given myself a day off from worry about getting the writing done, getting blogging done, getting Vacation reading done, all of it. Today, I’m giving myself permission to take the day off without stressing about it.

We’ve got a friend coming into town today. I’m (finally!) getting a hair cut this morning. I plan on trying to relax and read more of A Feast For Crows. (I’m 185 pages into it at the moment.) I’ll be online here and there, but mostly, I’m just going to wing it today.

Yesterday seemed to be a pretty good day for the new story. It peaked at about 4pm yesterday, hitting #29 in Technothrillers and 5,209 overall in paid Kindle Store. I think that’s pretty darn cool for a novelette.

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 4.22.15 PM.png

Tomorrow, I’ll be compiling all of the paperwork to send to the accountant for taxes. Except that all that “paperwork” is now paperless. I’ve got it all in digital format (keeping those originals that I must submit) and I can get everything to the accountant electronically. Cuts down the overall effort from hours to minutes.


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