On tap for today

Here is what I will be doing today:

  1. Taking the kids to a kids concert at a nearby church. (11:30am)
  2. Finishing the first draft of the epic fantasy story (~1,000 word at 1pm)1.
  3. Finishing my contribution to an upcoming Mind-Meld for SF Signal and getting it sent off. (2:30pm)
  4. Reading a Raymond F. Jones story in the February 1942 Astounding.
  5. Making more progress on the second draft of story #1 from earlier this year.
  6. Reading another Gene Wolfe story.
  7. Get all the tax paperwork ready to send to the accountant on Monday.

If I can get those seven things done today, I will feel like I’ve been particularly productive.

What will you be doing today?

  1. The fact that Kelly will be taking the Little Man and Little Miss to a birthday party after the concert helps to give me some extra time today that I might not otherwise have.


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