The gentle sound of road destruction

As I was getting ready to drift off to sleep last night, I noticed a bunch of sounds that seemed to be in the distance, a beeping sound like a truck backing up and a grinding sound like some machine drilling into rock. It was after 11pm and I assumed it was some temporary thing that was going on, what it might be I couldn’t imagine. And then the sounds grew louder and they didn’t stop. Midnight passed, then 1am, and I tossed and turned trying to fall asleep. But every time I came close, the grinding sound would start again, or the beeping, or both.

That’s when I remembered seeing the sign on Route 50, half a mile east of our house that talked of nighttime road “milling” between 11pm and 4am. And you know what? The sign was perfectly accurate. The sounds kept going and going and I kept tossing and turning until 4am. And at 4am, on the dot, they stopped as if a switch had been toggled and it was momentarily silent. Then the birds, nervously quiet over all of the unusual noise, decided it was safe to sing their morning songs and they started up. They were soon followed by an owl or two and by the time 4:30am rolled around, I’d given up. I picked up my iPad and started reading and read until it was time to wake up.

So I come to you this morning running on no sleep (but having just consumed a 5-hour energy drink). I beg your forgiveness if I seem a bit moody or over-excited or both. I’d say that it will all be well again tomorrow after I have a good night’s sleep tonight, but the road milling is scheduled to continue.

And lest you think it was my imagination: when we drove into work this morning and dropped the kids off at school on the way in, all 3 east-bound lanes of Route 50 had had their surface asphalt scrapped away for a distance of about a third of a mile. I can’t wait to find out what they’ll be doing tonight.

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  1. I drove on some road that had that process done to it in Canada during my trip last weekend. It’s no fun to drive on, I can tell you.

    Maybe a set of earplugs is the perfect Mother’s day gift for Kelly?


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