Finished with changes and tweaks to the site

I have finished with changes and tweaks to the site. Most of what I changed was minor and was intended for improved usability:

  • Changed the style, increased the size and spacing of the font on the main article section of the page (what you are reading right now).
  • Made the archive pages like the main index page. Previously the archive pages showed only a very brief summary of the posts. They now show either the entire post, or that portion up to the “Read More” as indicated on each post. This was something several folks requested and should make these archives (category pages, tag pages, etc.) more useful.
  • Added an improved Facebook “Like” button that should be more reliable than what I’d previously had.

I’ve browsed the page in Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on my iPad and all looks well. Let me know if you see any immediate problems.

Going forward I am considering a few additional changes:

  • Fixing a minor vertical spacing issue at the bottom of each post (where the Like and Share This buttons are).
  • Updating my About, Bibliography, and Contact pages

I am also considering one fairly major change. While I like the overall style I’ve developed, the page is beginning to feel a little too crowded. I am therefore thinking about going from 3-columns down to 2-columns to give more space to the main content. The remaining right-hand column would be a hybrid of some (but not all) of the information currently present in both the sidebar columns. Let me know if you have an opinion on this.


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