A Couple of Minor Blog Tweaks

Just a note that I made a couple of minor blog tweaks this morning that I hope improve things here. I make these incremental changes from time-to-time and try to avoid doing too much at once. Today there are two changes:

  1. Added better copyright information to the footer of each page. I added an explicit creative commons copyright note in the footer of each page.
  2. Added better automated separation for footnotes on pages in which I include footnotes. I use footnotes from time-to-time1. In the past, these footnotes simply show up at the end of the post without any clarification of what they are. It is probably obvious, but I decided to modify the plug-in I use for this to provide better separation at the end of the post. I used to manually insert a line between the main post and notes. Now, this is automatically included (and better labeled) whenever I use footnotes in a post. You can see an example of this below2

That’s pretty much it. I have plans for more minor changes but nothing that will result in major changes to the look-and-feel of the page. And I am always open to suggestions.

  1. Like this.
  2. This was a very simple tweak. I modified a style and added a tiny bit of html to the plug-in.


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