New author photo

I’ve been using a picture of myself from five years ago as my official author photo (as well as my official image photo everywhere else) for, well, five years now. It seemed time to update and so today, I have a new author photo. This same photo is slowly making its way to various other places (my Facebook and Twitter profiles, Gravatar, etc.) It is so current that it has me with my new glasses on to make me look more writerly. In any case, here it is and I took it all by myself so I am to blame for all flaws:

JTR Author New - Full.jpg

This picture will also be available on my Press Kit page.


  1. Howdy!

    I wouldn’t dream of critiquing your author photo. But I suspect the differential lighting on your face was a happy accident?

    1. Paul, I know very little about photography, as my wife frequently points out to me after seeing a picture I’ve taken. I started by taking this photo with the windows behind me, but it made everything else too dark. So I moved so that the windows were to my right (camera left) and I suspect that is what caused the happy accident.

      1. Backlit photos are a challenge, leading to underexposure of the subject or blowing out the highlights behind the subject.


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