This weekend

No blog posts this weekend. I’ve been busy with a variety of miscellaneous stuff.

Yesterday morning, I finally got around to running down a bunch of tasks that have been waiting on me for quite a while. This included getting through a backlog of paper that’s been waiting to be scanned for some time now. It felt good to get all that paper scanned and shredded. I got my hair cut. (I was in dire need of one.) After that, I walked over to Barnes & Noble and just wandered around the books for a while. I didn’t buy anything, but I did see that the new Gardner Dozois Year’s Best is on the shelves. Ken Liu had 8 honorable mentions and Juliette Wade had one as well. It is a very cool feeling to walk through the science fiction section of a bookstore and see the names of so many friends and colleagues on the shelves.

In the afternoon, we went over to friends for a picnic.

I noted that I had a bit of a runny nose yesterday morning. By evening it had evolved into a kind of summer head cold which has lingered through today. I didn’t feel great. I tried my best to ignore it this morning by keeping myself busy. I took the Little Man with me to run a number of errands, and then came back home and collapsed onto the beanbag chair in his room while he napped. One of the errands I ran was to pick up my laptop from work so that I could work from home tomorrow and avoid passing along this cold to my coworkers. So this evening, I’ve been doing a little work from home, something fairly unusual for me these days–especially on a Sunday.

I’m making fine progress through It, enjoying it at least as much as the first time I read it, and taking more notes this time so that I can do a much better write-up on it when I finish. I’ll have more to say on It tomorrow after I’ve received something in the mail that I’ve been waiting on now for about a week or so.

I followed posts by folks at Readercon and was sad that I couldn’t go this year, but it was fun to watch the posts and see what everyone was doing. It has made me really look forward to Worldcon. And, hopefully, Readercon in 2013.


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