Two items of awesome for a Friday (Ultima Forever and Kindle furthest page resets)

A few items of utter awesome I’ve encountered over the last few days, but haven’t had time to post about:

Ultima Forever coming to the iPad

I don’t play video games any more. I haven’t had time for years. But I have written how my favorite video game franchise was the Ultima series of games, beginning with Ultima IV in the 1980s. Well, I’ve always thought it would be cool if someone ported Ultima IV (and perhaps its successors) to the iPad. And now it looks like that is going to happen. The game is being developed by BioWare’s Mythic Studios. They are looking for beta-testers at the moment. I have no time to test, but I will almost certainly pick up the game when it is finally released.

Amazon introduces easy “farthest page resets” for Kindle books

Every now and then (especially when I re-read something on the Kindle) I have been stymied by how the Kindle App handles farthest page synchronization. It always syncs to the farthest page on any device. Meaning if you’ve jumped to the index, say, the farthest page is set to the end of the book. There have been ways of resetting this, but they have always been tricky. I discovered yesterday, however, that Amazon has introduced a feature to make it simple.

  1. Log into Amazon.
  2. Go to Manage Your Kindle
  3. Find the book you’d like to reset in your list
  4. From the Action menu, select “Clear Furthest Page Read”

I did this yesterday for It, which kept wanting to sync to the last page of the book when I switched devices (because I’ve already read the book and reached the last page). It worked perfectly and it was simple to do.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth.



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