Working weekend

I am spending this weekend working from home. It’s not often that I have to work over the weekend. The timing for this couldn’t have been worse and there are several things about it that bother me, not the least of which is that what I am working on is something that I warned would be a problem if we went ahead with it. So there’s some frustration.

In addition to this work (which consumed my evening last night and from 8:30am to this very moment so far) I have a book review column coming due for InterGalactic Medicine Show. It was my plan to have that wrapped up this weekend, but that is getting tougher with every passing minute because of this other work that has been forcing its way in.

At least there is a break this evening when we all go out to dinner with friends.

And, of course, next week is the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, which I can’t wait for at this point, if only because it provides an escape from this work for a while.


Okay, sorry, needed to vent there for a moment.


  1. I am an independent professional and have been in your situation many times. Usually, though, it is of my own making. I doddled, became distracted, avoided, realized a deadline later than I ought to have, or even just plain ignored important tasks during the week.

    One tip to help me make it through a secluded working Saturday is to remember that I AM working in my PJs. This cannot be accomplished during the week at most office environments.

  2. I sometimes like to come into the office on the weekends to catch up on some work however not often, it does occur once every 2 months or so. Although it does harm the schedule, the benefits of working weekends are also great 🙂


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