My tentative schedule for Capclave

It is hard to believe that on the heels of Worldcon, Capclave is now less than a month away.

This time around, the good folks who run Capclave have given me a pretty heavy schedule of programming. And while, tentative, it all look very, very good. Here is what is on my plate for the weekend:


  • 9am: Online Presence with Morgan Keyes, Nick Mamatas, and John Scalzi.
  • 12:30pm: Reading. Note: this is my first-ever reading!
  • 5pm: Golden Age SF with Roger MacBride Allen and Tom Doyle.
  • 6pm: Unwritten Secrets of Writers Groups with Meriah Lysistrata Crawford, Aly Parsons,and Jim Stratton
  • 10pm: Who Are the Early Master of Modern Science Fiction with Michael Dirda, Tom Doyle, Doug Fratz, and Darrell Schweitzer
  • 11pm: Shortest Fiction with Larry Hodges, Dina Leacock, Craig Allen Loewen, and Jennifer Pelland.


  • 1pm: How Many Years in the Business Before They Stop Calling Me a New Writer? with Diana Peterfreund, Jamie Todd Rubin, Alan Smale

And now a few comments:

  • OMG! I am on a panel with John Scalzi, Nick Mamatas, and Morgan Keyes on Online Presence. Dude! That is so awesome.
  • OMG! I am on a panel with Michael Dirda. That, too, is pretty darn cool!
  • OMG! I am on a panel with Jennifer Pelland, whose stories–particularly ones like “Organ Nell”–I’ve always admired.
  • OMG! I am going to do a reading–my very first. Now I have to think about what to read…?
  • OMG! I am on panels until midnight on Saturday. That is going to make for one long day!

Again, this is just a tentative schedule. I imagine a more finalized version will be forthcoming in the next couple of weeks. But it looks like a pretty amazing schedule.



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