I’m at Capclave!

Just a reminder to everyone that I am at Capclave this weekend, a regional science fiction convention in Gaithersberg, Maryland that is made of awesome. This convention focuses on written science fiction and in particular, short fiction, which is my thing. John Scalzi and Nick Mamatas are guests of honor this year.

I finished my first panel of the day. It was on “Online Presence” and I moderated Morgan Keyes, John Scalzi and Nick Mamatas. It was a lively panel and all three panelists were great. As a moderator, I'm still learning, but I think I did okay.

Next up is my reading–the first public reading I've ever done. It's schedule for 12:30pm so if you are attending Capclave, stop by Room 254 so that I have an audience to read to. I've picked out three possible stories and probably have time to read two of them.

I'm on 5 panels today, plus a reading and so my appearance on the blog may be sporadic, although I will try and get up a post about my first day here late tonight or early tomorrow.


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