300,000 Page Views This Year!

Some time shortly after midnight, this site passed it’s 300,000th page view this year.  This does not include people who view the site via RSS or through LiveJournal, Tumblr, LinkedIn or other places that the site is crossposted. I’m talking about visits directly to the blog itself. That is just incredible to me, and I will illustrate why. Here are my month-to-month page views since inception back in February 2010, when I moved the site from LiveJournal into WordPress:

Blog Stats.PNG
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When I started, I was getting less than 300 visits per month. You can see over the course of nearly 3 years that I’ve had a steady increase, followed by the occasional jump to the point where last month, I had over 48,000 views. You can see the progression somewhat more dramatically in the year-end totals. On the year, I’m averaging 1,011 page views per day. Last month, I averaged 1,600 per day.

Taking a look at Google Analytics, I see that since January, those 300,000 page views have been made by over 92,000 unique visitors. That’s a good-sized town! It’s just incredible to me.

People occasionally ask me how to get started blogging and how to get an audience. I try to tell them that you need to have something worth saying, of course, but even with that it takes patience and time. People sometimes don’t want to believe that, but it worked for me.

Perhaps most rewarding is the fact that people keep coming back. They leave me comments telling me how much they like my posts. It’s a love-fest, and like Isaac Asimov used to say about his own readers, I’ve got the best readers in the world! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And keep coming back!



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