Two More Sales to Analog Science Fiction

I have two new sales to announce, both of them to Analog Science Fiction.

  1. I’ve sold a guest editorial to the magazine.
  2. I’ve sold a new story to the magazine.

Guest Editorial

I’ve known about this one for a while now. Shortly after Worldcon, Analog’s new editor asked me if I’d be willing to write a guest editorial for the magazine. He asked me, in part, because of the work I’d done on my Vacation in the Golden Age, which made me very happy. I was humbled and I did my best to write a decent editorial. I must have done something right because Trevor bought the piece. It will likely appear sometime in 2013, but at this point I have no idea as to when.

This represents the first time I was ever commissioned by an editor to write something. It was a little stressful, but also a lot of fun, and big thanks go out to both Ken Liu and Michael Burstein for their feedback on the editorial. Of course, I was delighted when Trevor told me he was taking the piece. It’s one thing for a piece to be commissioned. It doesn’t guarantee an editor is going to like it. Fortunately, in this case, the editor did like it.

New Story

As I mentioned briefly on Twitter yesterday, I’ve sold my story, “The Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Unusual Beasts of the World” to Analog. This represents a couple of significant milestones for me.

  1. It is the first time I’ve made a second story sale to a place I’ve previous sold. My story, “Take One for the Road” appeared in the June 2011 Analog.
  2. It is the first time I’ve made story sales on two consecutive days. I announced yesterday my sale to the Beyond the Sun anthology.

I read this story at Capclave earlier in the month so if you were one of the ten or so people sitting in on the reading, then you already know which story I’m talking about. I’m very excited to have made this sale to Analog.

Once again, it’s too early to say when the story will appear in the magazine, other than my guess that it will be some time in 2013.

Making these sales, especially the story yesterday and today, has an enormous impact on my self-confidence as a writer. More and more I feel like I have some clue what I am doing when I sit down to write a story. They generally require a lot of hard work on my part, but I am starting to feel that with each story I write, my chances for finding a good home for it get better and better.

And at this point, I have no outstanding stories. Which means I need to get busy writing again. I’ll keep you posted on these two pieces, as well as the story I sold to the anthology. When I have a better idea of publication dates, I’ll post them.


  1. Wow, I was just wondering how I could get this magazine over the in the UK and it seemed quite expensive with shipping. Then I saw there was e-analog and for a mere £1.99 a month I can get it straight to my device. And a free 30-day trial too.

    Looking forward to reading your story on my kindle and tablet

  2. Jamie, congratulations on another milestone in your writing career!
    Incidently, regarding your baseball picks, remember a great man once said, “It is not the job of a science fiction writer to predict the future.”

  3. Congratulations, Jamie! I hope this is a sign that Trevor is settling in to his new digs… and undaunted by the mounds of slush, some of which is probably still addressed to Stan.


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