My Editorial in the June 2013 Analog

Analog June 2013

It would seem that the June issue of Analog is out in the wild. This is a milestone issue for me. The last time I had an item in Analog was two years ago, in the June 2011 issue. My story, “Take One for the Road” appeared in the issue. This time, I have the editorial in the issue. In my wildest imaginings when I started out writing (and I had some wild ones, believe me) did I think I’d have an editorial in Analog. I’ve read a good deal of the editorials that Stanley Schmidt wrote for the magazine. (I’ve read Trevor’s as well, but so far, he has one.) I’ve read some of Ben Bova’s editorials and I’ve read every editorial that John Campbell wrote between May 1939 and November 1942. It boggles my mind that I should have an editorial in the magazine. But I do.

At WorldCon, I met Trevor Quachri, who now edits Analog, in person for the first time. We chatted for quite a bit at one of the parties, possibly Stan’s retirement party. Not long after Worldcon was over, Trevor got in touch with me and asked if I’d consider writing an editorial for Analog. We discussed some possibilities and then I had to write it. Writing nonfiction is easier for me than writing fiction, but it was a daunting task nevertheless, mostly because I made it so. In my mind, I kept thinking that John W. Campbell wrote editorials for Analog. Stan Schmidt wrote editorials for Analog. But me?

I think it worked out, however. My editorial, “Gem Hunting,” discusses some of the rare gems I’ve found in the early Golden Age issues of the magazine (back when it was called Astounding) and the effect that some of these gems had on me. I see it as a celebration of science fiction and what it can do.

What’s more, I find that my editorial falls in the same issue as one of my science fiction heroes and idols, Jack McDevitt. Words can’t describe how pleased I am by that.

Oh, and by the way, if you just couldn’t get enough of me in the June Analog, well, I’ve got you covered. My story, “The Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Unusual Beasts of the World” will appear in the next issue, the July/August double-issue. How that young 20-year-old version of me would go utterly out of his mind if he knew this!


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