Lots of Reading, Plus Story of Civilization, Book 4

My, oh, my, I have a ton of reading to do! I am probably half a year behind in science magazines. Several months behind in my science fiction magazine reading. I have two-and-a-half books to read for my next book review column at InterGalactic Medicine Show. And to top it all off, I am feeling the urge, once again, to read the next volume of Will Durant’s Story of Civilization series. This last is thanks to Michael Cummings who has been reading the first volume in the seriesOur Oriental Heritage. I remember that book fondly and I have been reading so much fiction lately that the desire for nonfiction has been building up like a pressure inside me.


Book Four of the series is The Age of Faith, one of the longest books in the series and it covers four “empires” through the death of Dante. I have all 11 volumes of the series in used hardback, but I also have most of them on the Kindle App now, too, which is a godsend because I don’t have to carry around ten pounds worth of books.

The problem, of course, is finding the time. I have so much other reading to do, and short deadlines that there doesn’t seem to be any time at all to read The Age of Faith. So I’m stealing a chapter from Michael’s book, so to speak, and bribing myself with a chapter of The Age of Faith each time I complete several chapters of whatever else I am reading. Not the most efficient method, I suppose, but at least it gets me through these tough days.

I am also eager to get to my backlog of science magazines. I’m feeling completely out-of-touch with recent developments, which is no surprise since the mainstream news media is terrible at science reporting. I’ll get there, I suppose?

So, what is everyone else reading? Anyone else feeling buried and falling behind?


  1. I’d love to find a Durant set in hardcover for a reasonable price. I regret not getting one when I had a chance.

  2. Just finished another fantasy novel (Sprunk) and considering what I want to tackle next. Doing some 2012 “catch up” before I tackle 2013 novels


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