Help Out Jay Lake

Science fiction writers can be a contentious bunch. We always have been. Go back to the early letter columns of Astounding and Amazing in the 1930s and 1940s and what you’ll witness is akin to a modern day flame war. It can be both amusing and enlightening.

But science fiction writers also have each other’s backs. Despite the endless debates and arguments, when someone is struggling, dozens, scores, sometimes hundreds of other writers come to their aid. Jay Lake needs no introduction inside the science fiction world. For those folks who come to this blog and are not science fiction fans, trust me that he is one of the most fantastic (and prolific) writers the genre has seen in the last few decades. He has also been struggling with cancer for several years, something about which he has been very open and frank on his blog.

He recently posted about the frustrations that come with medical bills, despite having good insurance. It’s one thing to have the stress of dealing with an illness as tough as Jay’s. It is another to then have to worry about filling out forms and dealing with the financial bureaucracy the insurance companies set up.

So I wanted to ask folks to help out Jay, and for those willing, there are two easy ways you can do this:

  1. Like many bloggers (and Jay is a great one), he has a “tip jar” on his blog. Head over to his blog, read some of his posts to get a flavor of what he writes, and if you are so inclined, click on the “Donate” button on the upper-left corner of his blog.
  2. There is a new Kickstarter gathering funding for a documentary about Jay’s life and struggles with cancer. The Kickstarter, called “Lakeside” got started today. You can head over to the Kickstarter site to get the full details and consider becoming a backer.

Take a look at Jay’s blog, read through the Kickstarter, and see if you can help out.

Thank you!


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