Four Things I Want To Be When I Grow Up

When I was a kid, I wanted to be lots of things when I grew up. Among them: a science fiction writer, an astronomer, an airline pilot, an architect1. The problem is, of course, that often you have no idea what you really want to do until you try it out–and sometimes, if not too late, it simply isn’t practical. I’ve been lucky: I am a science fiction writer. I did get my pilot’s license. I never became an astronomer (although I’ve written stories about them), and my days of wanting to be an architect were limited. In my day job, I am an application developer, which is something I was never formally trained for and was never on my list of things I want to be when I grow up. But I’ve been doing it for over 18 years now.

It occurs to me that now, with the life experience I presently have, if I had to pick what I wanted to be when I grow up, they’d be somewhat different from what I remember as a kid:

  1. A science fiction writer (full time). Because it is the single most awesome job in the world.
  2. A science journalist. Because I think I’d be good at it. I certainly had a good teacher.
  3. A baseball columnist. Because I love baseball and it would be a blast to put my writing skills to use writing about it.
  4. A sabermetrician. Because I love numbers and baseball is full of numbers.

It’s no coincidence that three of the four jobs involve writing. I love writing. Can you tell? It’s also no coincidence that the jobs are split evenly between science-related things (maybe a stretch for science fiction) and baseball. I love science fiction and I love baseball. Indeed, I’m not sure which I love more.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

  1. Just call me Art Vanderlay.


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