A Home Office for Two

Ever since we bought our house, the room that is dedicated to the “home office” has been used as an office pretty much by me and me alone. Kelly has tended to do her work in a different room. But as we are working from home with increasing frequency, it seemed like the time was ripe to convert our home office into an office for two. I began that process today by introducing a desk for Kelly:


At present, her desk has just the basics: her laptop (connected via ethernet when she is at the desk and WiFi when she is away from the desk), a mouse and a phone. I plan on making some additional enhancements to our office over the coming months. I’m going to replace my big clunky desk with something slim and simple, like an Ikea Galant desk or something similar. I don’t use the drawers in my desk anymore, having gone paperless, and it would be nice to have something simpler and cleaner.

I’m also planning on getting rid of the filing cabinet and replacing it with something else, perhaps a second, comfy chair for reading or working on a laptop. And I plan on cleaning up all of the wiring in the office so that most of it is hidden, but accessible. I also plan on improving the lighting at night (it is plenty bright during the day). Here is the office as it looks today:


More improvement will be on the way in the coming months.


One comment

  1. I have the Ikea Galant desk in my home office, and really like it. I bought two of the modules to make an L-shape, and highly recommend it.

    The natural light in your home office makes me very envious. Mine is down in the basement. Cozy, but I wish I had more visibility to the outside world.


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