The Word the Little Miss Uttered on the Way Home from Dinner

Despite freezing rain and temperatures yesterday, it was 70 degrees out when I left the office this afternoon. We decided to take advantage of the weather and walk to a nearby restaurant. We had a nice dinner and then proceeded to walk home. While walking home, we saw an odd, and very minor fender-bender take place. The Little Man found it exciting, and asked why the cars crashed1. I was about to say it was because the guy was an idiot, but Kelly jumped in with her most derogatory term for this kind of situation: “Because he’s an ass.”

Ten minutes later, as we are almost home, we were reviewing the events of the evening. “And we also saw a car crash!” The Little Man said.

And from within her stroller, the Little Miss, who is not yet 18 months, said, “Ass!”

Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

  1. They really didn’t “crash” it was a fender bender, one that was based completely on road rage.


  1. The real question is did you add this to Evernote to document the date your daughter first said “ass”?


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