The Little Man Cooks Dinner

Yesterday, Zach, the Little Man, decided he wanted to cook dinner for everyone. He decided he wanted to make salmon, french fries, and asparagus. And you know what? He did, and it came out fantastic.

He did the entire affair himself with two exception which I stepped in to help. He walked to our local Target by himself yesterday afternoon and bought the things he needed that we didn’t already have. He prepared the meal himself, doing everything except slicing up the potatoes for the fries (I helped with that) and moving things into and out of the over (which I also helped with).

We all sat down to eat and the food was delicious. He topped the salmon was a mixture of seasonings and spices that smelled good while it was cooking. The fries were just about perfect. (He’d made fries once before and this time, they came out even better–which means he is learning from his past experiences.) This would have been an impressive meal if I had made it. It was all the more so because Zach made it, and he’s just twelve.

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