Good Food and Good Fun

Kelly has been using the crockpot more and more to slow cook things like chicken. It is almost always very good, but tonight, she took it to a new level. I think it was probably the single best meal we’ve had. I savored mine, making it last as long as I could. We liked it so much that Kelly might cook it again later in the week. It’s easy to make, and it is also ideal for when we have company.

But man, I wish there was more, because it was just fantastic.

After dinner, the Little Man, Little Miss and I had some fun singing songs. First there was “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen. Both kids have seen the movie, but I have not. In fact, yesterday was the first time I heard the song. I’ve always been able to learn the lyrics of a song after hearing it once or twice. The Little Man has inherited that talent. He knows more words of that song than I do. At one point, all three of us were singing the song, and it was a blast.

From “Let It Go” we transitioned into “Gone Fishin'” which the Little Man knows well. When both kids were babies, instead of lullabies, I’d sing them Bing Crosby songs. The Little Man knows a ton of them, and “Gone Fishin'” is one of his standards.

After a few rounds of “Gone Fishin'” we ended the session with the theme from “Underdog.” The Little Man learned that theme a long time ago. We found it on YouTube a while back when I was showing him some of the cartoons I watched when I was a kid. He knows all of the words, of course.  A few days ago, he said he heard the “Underdog” theme on TV. I thought that was strange, and figured he must have been imagining things, but it turns out he was absolutely right, as I later learned.

It was one of those evenings that just makes me smile, and so I thought I’d share it, in case anyone else out there was in need of a smile, too.


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