“Hat Tip to the Masters” in the February Issue of Lightspeed Magazine

I just received the February issue of Lightspeed Magazine,which contains my article, “Hat Tip to the Masters: Homage in Science Fiction” as an e-book exclusive. This was a fun article to write and I’m grateful it was included in Lightspeed. And as I said in the article, Barry Malzberg, Paul Weimer, and Mark Stackpole all provided valued input to the piece.

I tried to provide plenty of examples of homage in science fiction and fantasy from across its history. The truth is, in the space I was given, I could have done nothing but list examples. There are so many of them. I had to pick and choose and I think I picked some good ones.

If you are interested, you can find the article in this months e-book edition of Lightspeed.


    1. Paul, it’s an e-book exclusive article, so it’s not on the freely available content on the website. Subscribers who get the e-book edition will find there. It’s in my copy. 🙂


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