Distractions, Good and Bad

I am in one of those phases where I am easily distracted by things. None of the distractions are bad, but they all have the downside of preventing me from getting things done, like, you know, writing stories. This kind of thing happens every now and then. There are two things distracting me, at the moment.

  1. Stephen King. I recently got the urge to reread Stephen King’s recent novel 11/22/63. I really enjoyed the novel the first time around and it just seemed to me that it might be fun to read it again.
  2. NYPD Blue. Only the first 4 seasons of NYPD Blue were ever released on DVD. But I recently discovered that all 12 seasons are available as Amazon Instant Videos for Amazon Prime accounts.

Both of these things, while welcome distractions, do take away from other activities. For instance, I am in the midst of reading 3 other books, including Ink by Damien Walters Grintalis, This Explains Everything edited by John Brockman, and Baseball By the Numbers edited by Jonah Keri.  It also distracts from my story-writing. But the thing is, these are fun distractions. I manage right now by tradeoffs, one chapter of one book then a chapter of 11/22/63. Or a chapter of another book and then an episode of NYPD Blue.

I do have a story that I am working on, and I’m still experimenting with the new Chromebook. I suppose these distractions aren’t all that bad, considering it’s a cold, gloomy weekend. But, boy, am I easily distracted these days!


  1. This article distracted me from my Alice Munro book, drinking beer, cooking burgers for my kids and reading an article on the BBC. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, both of your distractions are non-Internet related. Still, if you want to moderate your NYPD Blue intake, a tool for your browser like this one could be handy. I’m a fan of the nuclear option.


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