Home Again Today

We were all up, as usual, to get ready for work and school. But shortly after we were up, Kelly starting to feel sick. The Little Miss, who has been sick all weekend, still wasn’t one hundred percent. And after I brought the Little Man downstairs to get him ready to go to school, he got sick twice in rapid succession. So instead of business-as-usual, we are all home today. I stayed home to help out with the kids and Kelly since she is also under the weather. I thought about working from home today, but that didn’t seem realistic, given the demands of the kids.

So, I may be scarce today. I’ve got plenty to read to keep me busy, and I’m hoping to get some more work done on a story. And tomorrow, I’ll have a new Going Paperless post out. I may even squeeze in some time today to gather all my tax information for our accountant–something that doesn’t actually take very long since it is all contained in Evernote.

I did see that the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl last night, in a somewhat crazy game–and that made me happy. But I didn’t watch the game. I was too absorbed by my second reading of Stephen King’s 11/22/63.


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