I Shouldn’t Be in the Office Today

I am still sick. I had an awful time falling asleep last night. I had planned to take a sick day today and stay in bed most of the day to give myself a fair chance of getting over this summer cold quickly. I helped get the kids ready for school this morning and then logged into my work email to send a notice that I’d be out.

That’s when I learned that there were scheduling problems with a  project I am managing. And it looked too complicated to deal with remotely. And so I asked Kelly to wait a few minutes, got ready for work in a hurry and headed into the office. I am here now, feeling like crap, but attempting to deal with the scheduling problems as best as I can.

I’m already looking forward to my 10 am walk.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose I am lucky. I could have no job in which to deal with scheduling problems. I could be stricken with something far more debilitating than a summer cold. But the truth is I feel like crap this morning and would have preferred just to stay in bed.

In happier news, the University of California school system (of which I am a graduate) has passed on Open Access policy for their academic research, that will make all of their research available to the public at no charge.


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