[Reference] What You Can Expect On My Twitter Feed

(This is one of my reference posts that I can refer people to when questions on the topic arises.)

If you have recently followed me on Twitter, or are considering doing so, this post describes some of what you might expect to find there. First thing’s first, I do not auto-follow. My Twitter feed is hard enough to keep up with as it is. I do follow feeds I find interesting, but I don’t follow someone automatically just because they followed me.

Common Tweets

Each time I make a blog post it is automatically announced on my Twitter feed:

I occasionally Tweet about what I am currently reading:

I also usually Tweet when some piece of writing of mine appears in the wild:

Less Common Tweets

I sometimes tweet pictures of what I happen to be doing, but I try to do this sparingly:

And I occasionally post trivial milestones:

Questions and Discussion

I do response to questions about areas in which I have some knowledge or expertise (writing, technology, paperless lifestyle), and I do carry on discussions in Twitter, mostly with people I know.


I retweet those things that I find interesting. On very rare occasions, I’ve been asked to retweet something on behalf of someone else. I consider those on a case-by-case basis. If  you are unsure of whether I’ll retweet something, you can always ask, but I’d use my history of what I’ve tweeted in the past as a guideline for the kind of things I’m likely to tweet in the future. Some examples of the kinds of things I retweet:

Scheduled Tweets

I have a very busy schedule, what with a full time day job, two little kids, blogging, and lots of freelance work writing fiction, nonfiction, and book reviews. In order to maintain a “virtual presence” even when I’m not online. I use Buffer to schedule tweets. Usually, I only schedule the type of tweets that fall into the first class of “Common Tweets” above. On rare occasions, I may buffer other types of tweets. I mention this because sometimes a scheduled tweet goes out and I get some replies, to which I can’t respond right away. I do try to respond to these as soon as I can.


My tweets are automatically relayed to Facebook so if you are friends with me on Facebook, you are likely to see the same thing there that you see in my Twitter feed.


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