One of Those Really Long Days

Today has been one of those really long day. From early this morning until about 4pm, I was at the day job, doing various degrees of coding. I managed to escape for a walk at 10am, but almost gave up on my walk because it was so cold. (I pressed on, mostly because I wanted to continue listening to Stephen King’s Misery, which I’m “reading” as an audiobook.)

At 5pm, I was in a Google Hangout with folks from Evernote, answering people’s questions on paperless living. That was a lot of fun. If you missed it, I believe the video will be available to watch in the not-too-distant-future. I’ll call it to your attention when it is online.

There was dinner with the family, chores, more writing of code, a bit of editing on a nonfiction article, a small amount of work on a book review, getting the kids ready for bed–and now, I’m about to be on the SF Signal Podcast, well, recording it anyway. I think the actual podcast will air on Monday.

I still have a little reading and writing to do today, but by the time the podcast is over, I may be too worn out. And my alarm is set for 4:55am, as usual, so that I can get up and do my workout before starting the whole cycle over again.

How has your Wednesday been so far?


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