Friday Morning Updates

Here are just a few updates for things that have been going on. I realized I dumped about 5 posts on you yesterday so I’ll try to take it easy on you today. This is mostly just bookkeeping stuff.

  1. Some folks may have noticed that the fonts on the site looked different for a day or so. If you suspected that, but weren’t sure, your eyes were not deceiving you. I installed an updated to the Google Font package I use, and it wiped out some of my settings. They released a fix and everything is back to normal, but there was a day or two where the title and header fonts in particular might have looked different. (And for those who are curious, I use Oswald for the title and header fonts and Droid Serif for the body and pretty much everything else on the site.)
  2. My new writing system is working pretty well. As of yesterday, I’d written fiction for 16 consecutive days, totaling more than 12,000 words. I look forward to it each day, it feels great to be writing every day. But I also notice that this has become a game of don’t break the streak. I try to take that into account by not “cheating” and writing only one or two words just to keep the streak going. In the 16-day run, my worst day has been 211 words. My best was 1,650. My average is 790, and yesterday I wrote just over 1,200.
  3. For folks with kids, Kelly has pointed me repeatedly to a rather hilarious site called, which has all kinds of roughly drawn cartoons illustrating the humorous frustrations of being a parent with little kids. The one she send me yesterday was particularly relevant to us. Read it, and then I’ll tell you that the Little Miss, at just 19 months, is already deep into Stage 3. The Little Man, a few months shy of 4 years, is happily into stage 5, and since I read with expression, is nudging his way into stage 6.
  4. Speaking of the Little Man, he took his first come-backer in the cheek yesterday evening. We were out playing wiffle-ball. (He starts t-ball in April.) He was doing a great job hitting, but then he wanted to pitch to me. He pitched well and I was careful how I hit the balls back to him. But on one pitch, despite my gentle half-swing, the ball caught the sweet spot of the bat and jumped quickly from the bat to his right cheek. He survived. Marshmallows, we’ve discovered, are great pain relievers.

One comment

  1. 12000 words – that’s awesome! I don’t intend to sound corny, but really inspirational. Enjoy next week off from the internet, that’s my birthday gift to you 😉 (my birthday, not yours, which further makes this comment self gratifying, which I suspect you’ve come to expect at this point)


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