I Dreamt of the Secret of the Universe

I had an unusual dream last night. It was so unusual that, when I woke from it, I grabbed my iPhone and jotted a note in Evernote so that I would not forget it. I looked at the note this morning and here is what I wrote, just after midnight, typos and all:

Dream Note

don’t recall the context of the dream, or much of the details, but I do remember what that note refers to. It had to do with discovering a way to tweak the “code” of the universe, the way a programmer might modify the code of a program, in such a way that it altered 15 laws of physics. That alteration, in turn, “reversed what light does.” This doesn’t mean make things dark. I think it means that darkness illuminates instead of light. The result was an image of how the universe was created?

What was that image? I have very little detail left in my mind. The note says “pictures” and I think that was to remind me that there was an image. I do remember that the image was an “infographic” of the type you see frequently on the Internet. And I’m pretty sure it involved a caterpillar or a turtle. I’d guess the latter as opposed to the former.

I’m pretty sure I know where the dream came from. I was working out some details of the story I’m currently writing earlier in the day yesterday and the dream was probably initiated from those thoughts. But the turtle at the creation of the universe? Well, friends, all I can say is that I recently re-read Stephen King’s It for a third time, and for those who have read It, the turtle will make a lot of sense in this context.


  1. Turtles and caterpillars — oh, how I love the fun of dream interpretation! Of course the classic question is: what do they mean to you? What do you think they symbolized? Since you were not sure which was in your dream, a turtle or a caterpillar, I’d amuse myself with looking at what both symbols mean to you and where they might differ and how they applied to the context of that dream.

    Common dream interpretations for each:

    – Symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity and loyalty. Suggests to take it slow, with time and patience you will make steady progress. Encourages you to not be afraid to move forward, even at a slow and steady pace. Warns that it is important to pay attention to details, even if it will take you longer to move forward. The turtle is also a sacred symbol for the Earth itself. It is a symbol of fertility, immortality and vitality as well as sign of good luck, good health and a long life. Alternatively, it could mean you are sheltering yourself from life’s realities. You may not be letting others in or are feeling withdrawn.

    – Symbolizes a stage in your personal growth and development where you are headed in a direction, but have not yet reached your goal. Signifies moving forward in your personal growth in a methodical or thoughtful way. You may have an impending or unrealized transformation, like a life change. Patience is the hallmark. You may dream about caterpillars when you are wondering why you are still at the middle of reaching a certain goal, when you feel ready to burst out like a butterfly and show who you really are. In a business deal, it may indicate that something is holding the finalization of the deal back and you need to wait for things to unfold and let the goal realize itself. On a more negative side, some say a caterpillar indicates that low and hypocritical people are in your immediate future. They warn you to watch out for and steer clear of deceitful appearances. You may suffer a loss in love or business. It may also foretell that you will be end up in an embarrassing situation, but there will be a small honor or gain to be expected.

    As a fellow writer, I say your dream gifted you with a great possible story line. Have fun with it!


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