My Stephen King Universe Flowchart by Tessiegirl Has Arrived

Every once in a while, someone out there on the Internet creates something that is just too cool to pass up. If you have not seen the Stephen King Universe flowchart by tessiegirl, you must check it out.

When I learned that tessiegirl was producing a poster of her infographic and was making it available for purchase, I just had to have one. I placed my order and then waited. And waited. (Granted, the poster was being sent from Australia.) I’d almost forgotten about it, until this morning, when I wondered when it might be arriving, or if it had even shipped.

Then, I got a text message from Kelly this afternoon which said, “You got a poster from Australia in the mail today,” and I nearly screamed with glee in my office. When I got home, I opened up the package and here is what was inside:

Stephen King Universe Flowchart by Tessiegirl

This poster is too cool just to keep rolled up in its tube. After I pick through it carefully, I fully plan on having it framed and putting it up on my home office wall, right next to muy John Picascio 2013 wall calendar.

Included with the poster was a handwritten note thanking me for buying the poster. It was well worth it to have such a cool poster. Thanks tessiegirl!


  1. Oh Jamie, I am so pleased that you love it! It’s awesome to see something I created making someone so happy on the other side of the planet. x x Gilllian


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